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Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History: Starring More Great Characters Actors of Hollywood's Golden Age

Author(s)Manny Pacheco
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Description:Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History is the long anticipated sequel to the award-winning Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History, and it tells more rarely shared American stories through the eyes of 21 character actors of Hollywood's Golden Age, including Frank Morgan, Peter Lorre, Cesar Romero, Majorie Main, Andy Devine, Alan Hale Sr., Leo Gorcey, Jack Carson, and Lon Chaney Jr. Son of Forgotten Hollywood Forgotten History is part of the Forgotten Hollywood Book-Series, and it's officially in gift stores, bookshops, and iconic locations, such as the Hollywood Heritage Museum. For further insight, visit (Danforth Book Distribution)
ISBN-13 / EAN:9781937454142
Dimensions (inches): 8.90 (H) x 5.90 (W) x 0.20 (D)
Publisher:Book Publishers Network
Date of Publication:Jan 1, 2012
Dewey Decimal Classification:791
Library of Congress Classification:PN
Product Genre/Category: Performing Arts / Film & Video / History & Criticism

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