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Welcome to, an internet retailer, where you'll always find the latest and greatest product releases at prices you can afford.

We offer customers a genuine service of exceptional quality. We feel too much attention is given to the business model of high volume, questionable quality, and limited customer service. Our alternative is that of the traditional full-service bookseller. We give special attention to supplying fast, prompt service with a range of U.S.Postal Service, UPS and international Airmail service to suit your requirements. The majority of products are dispatched from the United States, however to ensure we can meet your requirements those books not locally available and shipped from our United Kingdom facility.

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Fair, genuine pricing
We might not always offer the "best deal", but we offer a fair deal with an exceptional level of genuine service to match. Even though it means our prices are slightly higher, we don't pressure our suppliers to reduce royalty payments to authors and other copyright owners.

Full range of shipping options
You choose from either two U.S. Postal Service, five UPS, or international Airmail service options. For urgent orders, UPS Next Day can deliver as soon as 10.30am next day. Pricing is fully weight and distance based, calculated on your ZIP code, which caters especially well for large bulk orders. For your convenience and peace of mind, order status with integrated USPS/UPS tracking can be viewed online.

Exceptional Customer Service Quality
All customer service is performed locally, directly overseen by senior management, staffed by people with standard native English. Many retailers outsource customer service to remote third-party providers, often overseas, which means any queries can take longer to resolve. With us, your data security is not put at risk.

Data Security
We guarantee your personal details will not be shared with any third-parties, such as advertisement companies. No unsolicited emails will be issued. Often companies sell their customer lists for either e-mail or direct mail marketing. Your financial information is fully secure; No details are kept after processing.

Zero debt organization
We have zero corporate debt or other liabilities. This means it's impossible for us to go bust while fulfilling your order. Shop in confidence with a financially responsible organization.

Further information
We ship thousands of books per week across the world, to destinations ranging from obscure locations like Pacific islands to the same street as our office. Trading since 2002, we know what it takes to meet your customer service requirements. We understand, and enjoy, selling books and will remain focused on that core activity.

We're resident in England, United Kingdom, but also offer domestic US fulfilment for a large proportion of our products. Unlike so much of modern business, we're NOT owned by private equity or other outside shareholders. No sharecropper society for us! Thanks for stopping by our independent store, and we hope to serve you soon.

For Internet security and speed, we recommend customers use Firefox 3, combined with Add-ons Adblock Plus, and Flashblock.