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Important electrical compatibility message: Please note this product is designed for use with 220-240 volt electricity (e.g. Europe & Australia) and will not work on a standard 100-120 volt United States or Japan power supply.

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Le Creuset Kone Kettle with Whistle, 1.6 L - Black

Manufacturer:Le Creuset
Our Price:US $133.62
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Attributes of this product:
Catalogue number:92000200140000
Product Genre/Category:Kitchen
Packaged dimensions (inches):8.19 x 7.17 x 8.27 (Width x Height x Depth; decimal inches)
Holds 1.6 litres Fixed whistle, stainless steel ring around spout Suitable for use on all heat sources Easy to clean exterior Enamelled steel stove top whistling kettle with stay-cool phenolic folding handle, Weight: 0.73 lbs., Manufacturer: Le Creuset

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