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The Secret Language of Color Cards

Author(s)Segal, Inna
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Description:The Secret Language of Color Cards is your key to unlocking the extraordinary healing power of color. Featuring 45 stunning cards, each infused with a unique healing vibration, and an accompanying 84-page guidebook, author Inna Segal will assist you in adding more joy, harmony, and wellness to all areas of your life.

With various creative ways to use the cards—including simply asking a question and picking a card, placing a color card on an area of the body that needs that color’s particular healing attention, and color visualization—along with the aid of the guidebook anyone can interpret and create useful practices of wellness. Each color's unique vibrations are there to explore, from silvers ability to strengthen your persistence, plum helping you to overcome challenges, burgundy to awaken passion, and emerald to create a calm, mind, body, and spirit, these vibrant and powerful cards by Inna Segal are a tool anyone can use daily to receive inspired and intuitive messages of guidance and to restore their body to its natural state of balance and harmony. (Simon and Schuster)
ISBN-13 / EAN:9781582703268
Binding / Edition:Cards; Original
Dimensions (inches): 7.00 (H) x 5.25 (W) x 1.25 (D)
Publisher:Beyond Words Pub Co
Date of Publication:Oct 11, 2011
Dewey Decimal Classification:615.8/312
Library of Congress Classification:RZ414.6 .S44 2011 | LCCN/Control Number: 2011013620
Product Genre/Category: Body, Mind & Spirit / Healing / General

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