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To Live Or Maybe Not: Autobiographical Work of Gary Revel

Author(s)Gary Revel
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Bibliographic details for this title:
Description:A Gary Revel Memoir: Details of the birth, youth, education, music, US Navy service, experiences in; San Diego/Hollywood, California, Memphis/Nashville, Tennesee.More:Playing poker with men in a rough and tumble southern juke joint is not the typical activity of a 10 year old boy but it was for Gary Revel. Dancing with waitresses to Rock & Roll, Blues and Country music coming from the jukebox was also part of his usual childs play. Once he accepted the request to associate in the investigation of the MLK assassination he started his journey that would eventually take him into Brushy Mountain Prison in Petros Tennessee to meet the supposed killer of Martin Luther King Jr., James Earl Ray. Danger, intrigue and murder followed as he entered the darkness of the investigation of the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination. (Createspace)
ISBN-13 / EAN:9781434826961
Binding / Edition:Paperback; 4th
Dimensions (inches): 10.00 (H) x 8.00 (W) x 0.35 (D)
Date of Publication:Dec 29, 2007
Dewey Decimal Classification:920
Library of Congress Classification:CT
Product Genre/Category: Biography & Autobiography / General

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