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Landscapes of Capital: Representing Time, Space, and Globalization in Corporate Advertising

Author(s)Goldman, Robert
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Bibliographic details for this title:
Description:Every era has its dominant representations. Just as landscape painters of previous centuries captured and expressed new modes of perceiving history, corporate advertisers now devise the imagined landscapes of global capitalism. Advertising functions as an omnipresent discursive form, publicly assembling and circulating the predominant tropes of our era. This project is based on the premise that corporate advertising's landscapes help shape our epoch's imaginative conceptualizations of the spatial relations, the temporal flows, and the cultural geographies that correspond to the emergence of a high-tech global economy.

In Landscapes of Capital Robert Goldman and Steven Papson examine how corporate television ads from the last fifteen years have organized predominant images, tropes and narrative representations of a world in transition. The volume takes particular interest in how relations of space, time, speed, capital, technology and globalization are narratively represented in advertising. Goldman and Papson skillfully demonstrate how Capital represents itself at a moment of critical historical transition - the passage into high-tech globalization and the crises associated with it. They argue that corporate ads can be read to reveal how Capital represents itself and the world that is being wrought - in terms of the signifiers it prefers and the stories it tells.

ISBN-13 / EAN:9780745652085
Binding / Edition:Paperback; 1st
Dimensions (inches): 9.06 (H) x 6.06 (W) x 0.71 (D)
Publisher:Polity Pr
Date of Publication:Feb 25, 2011
Pages:xi, 222
Minimum Audience/Grade Level:Scholarly/Graduate
Dewey Decimal Classification:659.1
Library of Congress Classification:HF5821 .G579 2011 | LCCN/Control Number: 2011283100
Product Genre/Category: Business & Economics / Advertising & Promotion

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